Site Progression

Watch your project transform before your eyes. Using Yaw Tech to undertake progress shots across a construction site allows you to keep tabs on progress, hold accountability, audit supplies/equipment, and keep any 3rd party up to date with progress. We ensure all work in the vicinity of the building exterior at regular intervals to provide a permanent, inspection grade photographic record of construction progress. Progressions can be performed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly generally coordinated with pace of progress.


Yaw Tech delivers aerial mapping, providing topographic data as well as high-resolution aerial photography. We provide complete visual information and contour data, required to improve decision-making while reducing costs, saving time and improving safety. Large areas can be mapped up to 50 times faster than traditional methods.

Thermal Imaging

Yaw Tech is providing UAS thermal imaging services, including real-time high-resolution images and videos. It is a powerful and non-invasive tool that identifies and locates the problems, measures temperatures, detects what needs to be fixed and ultimately it saves you valuable time and money through the detection of faults before real problems occur.